Boat Trips in Key West, FL

Boat Trips in Key West, FL, Stock Island, FL

Key West, FL is surrounded by water, and most people spend at least some of their time on the beach. But there are other ways to enjoy the area that get you away from the beach but not away from the fun. At Key West Boat & Jet Ski Adventures, we offer several lengths of boat trips that will take you around the islands to features that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy any other way. These boat trips are ideal excursions to add to your trip to Key West and will provide you with effortless fun and adventure. Contact our team today to learn more as well as to reserve your group a boat trip around Key West.

Experience Sites You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

You might be surprised to learn that just a little ways offshore from Key West, there are some sandbars that are only a couple of feet from the surface. These are great places to relax with your group in the water and enjoy some food and beverages that you brought. We can take you through the mangrove creeks as well, which are only accessible by water on our boat trips.

We can also take you to an area commonly referred to as the submarine pits. These areas are where limestone was extracted for construction purposes. We can also show you the southernmost point on Key West as well as showing you the rest of the island from the water. We start on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island but can also show you the Atlantic Ocean side as well.

You can choose from a number of different lengths of boat trips. One of our most popular excursions is our evening cruise where you can watch the sunset on the ocean and see Key West at night with all of the lights. Other boat trips include a half-day option, a six-hour boat trip, or make it a full day on the water with an eight-hour boat trip and see all of the sights.

Any Group For Any Reason

Our boat trips at Key West Boat & Jet Ski Adventures are great for any reason. They are great ways for families to have a different experience with the sun and the ocean when compared to just a beach visit. Our boat trips are super-fun experiences for bachelor and bachelorette parties, retirement parties, or any time that you want to enjoy a carefree excursion on the ocean around Key West. Contact our team today to learn more and to reserve your boat trip.